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Gel starter savings set "It-Gel - XL"

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Set with MILKY Builder Gel
Set with PINK Builder Gel
Set with CLEAR Builder Gel
Set with COVER Builder Gel
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Save money with savings sets. 

Gel starter savings set "It-Gel - XL"
Please select the desired builder gel.

This savings set includes 15 products:

1. Nail Prep - 15ml
For stronger adhesion. 

2. Bond Plus Base Coat - 12ml
For priming/adhesion. 

3. Builder Gel of your choice (clear, milky, pink or cover) - 30ml
For construction and modeling.

4. Glossy Finish Gel - 30ml
For sealing.

5. Cara Sposa Color Coat - 12ml
Color Coat - gel polish color.

6. Red Kiss Color Coat - 12ml
Color Coat - gel polish color.

7. LED light curing device
For curing UV gels and UV varnishes.

8. Nail files white trapezoid , 10 pieces, grit 100/180
For nail preparation, shortening, shaping, balancing and shaping.

9. Buffer white , 1 piece
For use on the edges of the nail, when roughening the natural nail or for fine refinishing of the modeled nail. File block with 4-sided grit.

10. Manicure wooden sticks , 2 pieces
To push back or remove the cuticle from the nail plate. Useful for picking up and moving nail art as well as cleaning the edges of the nails from excess gel or smeared nail polish. They also enable precise corrections of motifs and drawings. Length 114mm.

11. Gel brush , 1 piece, 4mm
To apply the gel to the natural nail or artificial nail extension.

12. Modeling stencils , 100 pieces
For natural nail extension or repair of broken nail corners, for example.

13. Nail Cleaner , 100 ml
For cleaning and degreasing the natural nail at the beginning of modeling and removing the sweat layer after hardening (dispersion layer).

14. Cellette pads , 500 pieces (1 roll)
For using nail polish remover, remover or cleaner to remove nail polish, shellac or sweat layer.

15. Nail dust brush , 1 piece
For removing filing dust from fingernails, hands or accessories.

Curing time in UV light: 120 seconds.
Curing time in LED light: 90 seconds.

All It Nails ® Gel-meets-Lac ® Products (GmL) can be combined with each other without restriction!

Nail PREP (dehydrator) to temporarily remove the surface moisture of the natural nail to ensure optimal adhesion.
If the nail surface is damp and/or quickly greasy, apply to the prepared natural nail surfaces before applying the primer or adhesive layer (air-drying).

Bond Plus Base Coat - A clear, very thin, acid-free adhesive gel for the perfect bond to the natural nail.
The optimal primer for perfect durability.
Bonder, adhesion promoter and base coat for all UV gels and UV varnishes.

Builder Gel - thick viscous builder gel.
Can be used as a building and modeling gel.
Conceals minor blemishes and unevenness on the nail and ensures a natural look.
Among other things, it is very suitable for processing on the stencil and for nail bed extension.

Glossy Finish Gel - Clear, thin-viscosity sealing gel with a high-gloss effect for a perfect finish.
Particularly scratch-resistant and shiny.
Seals nail art, protects the nail and the model from environmental influences.

Color coats.
UV nail polish colors for use with base and top coat, with or without gel.

LED light curing device.
With this device you can cure all UV gels and UV varnishes that are suitable for UV/LED curing according to the specified curing time.


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